Sunday, February 10, 2013

WOW! Its been a LONG time!

Ok, so since last August a ton has happened! Instead of saying what has happened, Im going to put a bunch of pictures with a little bit of a caption of what has happened! Im really going to try to update more often! I say this a bunch but I kinda want to! Its my way of Journal writing.

Celebrated Mikes big 30!

Went to Utah to visit my dear friends Katie and Kaylee

Went to Disneyland! (for free) Thanks to my friend Melissa


Spiderman (Jeremy is obsessed with Spiderman!)

Super hero halloween!

The boys love playing together!

Thanksgiving with the great family!

Lots of play dates with my nursing buddies!

Christmas Jammies

Christmas morning! Santa was good this year

Of course a Spiderman stunt city!


Beach trip!

Magic Mountain trips!

Science museum to see space shuttle (which was totally awesome!)

Dancing with Spongebob at Universal

Family time at Travel Town

Griffith Park Observatory

Lego Land! (look where his hand is)


Cute faces

Cute faces
Zeke started to crawl! (finally)

Thursday, August 9, 2012


We went to a ward party on the fourth of July and swam and ate yummy pulled pork sandwiches. Afterwards, we had our own firework show!

Here are the kiddos watching...The Jones family came and celebrated with us.

Here is Zeke watching........It was kind of cold for it being summer!

All ready for his first adventure to Hurricane Harbor! We had lots of fun there. We have gone back many times.

Jeremy turned 4!!!! We had a phineas and ferb themed birthday party. With big jump house and rainbow cupcakes and bubbles and water guns! We had lots of fun!

Happy Birthday to you!


Jump time with family and friends!

Zeke has started solid foods! He loves sweet potatoes, squash, applesauce, pears, bananas, and his ALL time favorite carrots! He will eat a whole jar of carrots. This picture is prunes....he ate them, didnt care for them and he got a rash from them. So I need to introduce it to him again and see if it was the prunes.

Mister Zeke is almost sitting up. He can sit for about a minute then falls over. 

He loves his feet! He feels very proud of himself that he has found them!

We finally put curtains in Zekes room. So here are pictures of it! This is his "Z" on his door. Jeremy has one too. 

This summer we have had so much fun. We went to Laughlin for our annual lake trip. I am so mad at myself because I forgot the camera!!! Needles to say, it is very HOT there and we spend ALL day out on the lake and ride the Sea Doos and play in the water. After LAughlin, we went to Heber-Overguaard Arizon where we had a min family reunion with Mike's family. There was nothing there! We went swimming and rode on some horses and just played with the cousins! It was fun to see all of the cousins together. Welp until next time!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Funny Sayings of Jeremy

First, This kid loves bubbles. We got a bubble machine and he loves running through them and smashing them!

On our way home from church: "Daddy, sometimes my ears talk."
Mike," "oh yeah? What are they telling you?"
Jeremy "my ears are telling me that I want to go camping."

To mike: "Daddy I want to climb in this way." (he wanted to get in the car on Zeke's side)
Mike: "No its too hard"
Jeremy: "But I am awesome."

At T-ball practice he turned his hat backwards
Mike: "Turn your hat around"
Jeremy: "No I am cool."

I don't think Jeremy will have a self esteem issue. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Life Thus Far With Two Boys

My Awesome Boys!

Easter was really special this year. We were able to bless Zeke and most of our family were able to come and participate. It was spent here at our house with a yummy luncheon. I just love baby blessings. They are so special, especially when family comes. It is such a sacred ordinance in our church. Zeke was such a trooper on his day of honor. he didn't cry and slept the whole day while we were enjoying our lunch. Jeremy LOVED having his cousins here. Cousins are so special. They had an Easter Egg hunt. Jeremy went the opposite way of all the other cousins, he is very competitive. 

One day, we went to Bridgeport to feed the ducks and very mean goose. The goose was as big as Jeremy and kept hissing. Luckily it didnt attack us, only the smaller ducks. The kids loved it.

Jeremy LOVES his little brother. And Zeke LOVES his big brother. Every time Jeremy comes near Zeke, he smiles. I just can't wait to watch them grow up and be best friends.

Zeke started smiling!!!!! This is the first one caught on camera. 

I took this picture because I wanted to"record" how big my cat is and how little Zeke is. Scratchy is such a good cat. He is so tolerant of the kids.

Jeremy started T-ball. He has practices every thursday and games ever Saturday. He is on the Angels. We got Zeke an Angels onsie so he could give his brother team spirit. T-ball at this age is hilarious; they all run for the ball and have to bat a few times to get the ball off the T. It is very entertaining. Jeremy loves it. His favorite part of it is, running to the bases. He runs holding onto his helmet. 

Here he is all ready for his game!

Brotherly love.

Bumbo Seat time! Before Zeke was born, I asked Jeremy if Zeke could have his. He said no. So, my sister in law, Krissy got Zeke one. I think it is so funny. They are so cute! I particularly  love this picture because they both have their tongues out.

This picture is of Zeke smiling at his Daddy. Zeke is such a happy and easy going baby. He is a great sleeper  (most of the time) he usually sleeps for a 4-5 hour stretch for the first time and then 2-3 hour stretch after he eat. Night time feedings range from 1-3 times at night. At two months, he is smiling all the time. He coos when you speak to him. He loves his baths, hates getting out of them (I think he doesn't like to be cold). He has the bluest eyes, I really feel they will stay blue. I am so blessed to have such wonderful sons. Being a mom of 2, is really no different then of 1, you just are a little more busy, but you have two to love you. It is amazing how much love one can have for their children. You can really understand Heavenly Father's love for you when you have children of your own. Lets just say I LOVE BEING A MOM, and am so blessed that I can stay at home with my love bugs. I have two amazing sons who I love and care for dearly. Until the next time!